Jennifer Loree is an imaginative digital artist with a focus on character and costume design. She has trained in both traditional and digital mediums with artists such as painter Jan Brancewicz, character designer Nate Wragg, and Clayton Stillwell. Her talent and easygoing nature has lead to multiple opportunities to work in film and theatre in Brandon and Vancouver with the likes of director Jim Forsythe, actor/director Katherine Hill and actor/director Annette Reilly.

Most recently, Jennifer was in a mentorship program in Montreal hosted by Toronto’s Imaginism Studios and run by artist Thierry Lafontaine. The program enabled her to advance her design and rendering techniques, and receive mentorship from Toronto artist Peter Chan in acrylic painting. Her art can be described as whimsical, colourful and imaginative, pulling from a multitude of inspirations from nature, and traditional cultural art forms to animation and mythology. Jennifer’s repertoire and style vocabulary is growing at such an exponential rate it is exciting to see what she will achieve next.

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